What is a Primary Tradeline

A seasoned primary tradeline simply refers to a line of credit that has existed for a given period of time thus it has an established history. Primary accounts are assigned to you individually as the sole owner of the tradeline. Primary accounts are incredibly useful for getting approved for funding

What is an Authorized User?

An “Authorized User” is a co-user on a credit card account. Becoming a Co-User on someone’s seasoned credit card account can be very effective in boosting one’s credit score. “Authorized User Tradelines” can help increase the length of payment history, decrease use of credit utilization, and increase the available credit limit on your credit file. However being an “Authorized user” does not give you access to the actual tradelines, it’s only purpose is to boost your credit score by 50-100 or more points. 

What is Piggy Backing?

Piggybacking is a formal term for a person using AU Tradelines to increase their credit score. Piggybacking is completely legal and safe. It’s also one of the fastest routes to jumping up 1-2 credit tiers. 

What is a CPN/SCN

A CPN/SCN is a credit profile number. The CPN/SCN is a nine-digit number comparable to but NOT your Social Security Number, EIN, TIN, or Tax ID number. The CPN number get’s registered with the 3 credit bureaus and is used for only credit reporting purposes. Using A CPN is also completely LEGAL. Please see the education page for Do’s and Dont’s when using a CPN/SCN.

How Long Do AU Tradelines Stay On My Credit?

AU Tradelines stay on your credit forever essentially. However the status changes on your credit report from “Active Authorize User” to “Terminated Status” once your lease of the tradeline expires.